Toyota’s workhorse electrified

Electric driving with the Proace People who travel a lot with these types of vans will probably miss the diesel sound when they get into the electric Proace. Now that is the case anyway when you decide to switch to electric driving. So it takes some getting used to! If you drive in this electric Proace the same as you […]

​I have a new charging station; where should i put it?

Do you have a new charging station? Top! That means that you drive electric. Normally, a newly purchased or leased electric car comes with a charging station. To let you go on the road carefree, it is so handy that you do not have to think about whether your car is sufficiently charged. That is why it is very nice […]

HP Announces Complete, Integrated Security Offering

HP last week introduced HP Wolf Security, a new integrated portfolio of secure by design PCs and printers, hardware-driven endpoint security software and security services to protect customers from growing cyber threats. HP Wolf Security’s recently published Blurred Lines & Blindspots report highlights that cyberattacks have increased by 238% globally during the pandemic, with hackers targeting employees who work out […]