​I have a new charging station; where should i put it?

Do you have a new charging station? Top! That means that you drive electric. Normally, a newly purchased or leased electric car comes with a charging station. To let you go on the road carefree, it is so handy that you do not have to think about whether your car is sufficiently charged. That is why it is very nice if you place a charging station at your house. But where should you place it? We give you some tips!
Where can I place my charging station?
In principle, you can place your charging station in your own driveway, your own garden or in your shed. Wherever you want, as long as it’s your own land! Do you have a rented house or are you on municipal land? Or does ground lease apply? If so, please contact the owner. The owner often indicates where you can place it. If it must be placed on municipal land, contact the municipality where you live. Municipal land is public property.

There are two things you should pay attention to if you want to place your charging station on municipal land. Firstly, you must submit an application to the municipality to install a charging station. Before you do that, make sure to inform yourself about the restrictions! Second; keep in mind that anyone can use the charging station, because it is public. The charging station is therefore not yours, even though you have arranged it. The charging station is owned by the municipality. Once the application has been approved, a parking space will be reserved for electric cars.

How can I confirm my charging station?
Think about confirming your charging station at home before you buy or lease one. A charging station technician can help you with this! There are various options for attaching a charging station. You can hang your charging station on the wall as a charging point, but you can also place it in your driveway. In both cases, take into account the distance between the meter box and your charging station. When purchasing, therefore, also look at the length of the charging cable. It is very annoying if your charging cable is too short. The installation of a charging station, on the wall or in the driveway, has no difference in costs. You do have to take extra costs into account when laying the cables in the ground. Always be informed in advance by a professional!

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