Toyota’s workhorse electrified

Electric driving with the Proace
People who travel a lot with these types of vans will probably miss the diesel sound when they get into the electric Proace. Now that is the case anyway when you decide to switch to electric driving. So it takes some getting used to!

If you drive in this electric Proace the same as you would with a bus with a combustion engine, the range will disappoint you. It also depends on whether you mainly use the bus in the city or whether you mainly use the highway. In the city you can very well use the ‘brake’ mode. For example, the Proace immediately regenerates energy when the speed is reduced. Do you not use this mode or do you spend a lot of miles on the highway? Then you gain few kilometers back.

The Proace has the ability to switch between 3 driving modes: eco, normal and power. With 136 hp of immediately available power, the bus is certainly not slow in power mode. However, the Proace is limited to 130 km/h. In the normal driving mode, the Proace drives nice and relaxed and when you press the pedal, the full power remains available. In eco mode, acceleration is limited and even the climate control is almost turned off. Fine for short trips in the summer, but in the winter it will quickly get chilly in the cabin.

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